CORIOgrapher v2

Creative video wall design software for CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini, and CORIOmaster micro video wall processors.
Let your creativity go wild! Rotate sources and displays with complete 360⁰ rotation, mix and match display types, create overlaps or edge-blends and automatically correct for display size and bezels.

CORIOgrapher v2 supports 4K resolutions meeting today’s demands for pristine image quality and sharpness. Support includes two new modules to the CORIOmaster systems; the HDMI 4K30/60 input module and the HDMI 4K30 scaling output module, both allowing resolutions up to 3840×2160 and are HDMI & HDCP compatible.

Here, a 4K source is displayed on a video wall created using widely available 720p displays with the overall display area matched pixel for pixel with the source.


With the addition of the Streaming media and 4K playback module, you can now mix streaming video with 4K files and still images into a single playlist all from your CORIOmaster! Simple drag and drop along with expected transport controls make CORIOgrapher even more powerful.


In order to manage IP feeds of differing resolutions, you can set a master resolutions for the playlist. All shown IP feeds and/or local clips and stills wil be up/down/cross converted to a unified resolution using our high quality, award winning CORIO scaling engine. You can navigate to media stored on the streaming module and/or USB drive. Your media will be displayed in the CORIOgrapher browser either as an icon or a detailed text listing.


Take audio from any source to output directly or via audio breakout. Manage the source volume as well as mute/unmute and also control the output volume/mute or unmute per video canvas for total control.

Belden HD-SDI Cable

In 1995, Belden first launched award-winning digital precision video coax, 1694A, which is still relied upon as the world-wide broadcast cable standard today. Now that technology has expanded to even higher resolutions, requiring more bandwidth, Belden has upgraded many of those cables to 6 GHz and has introduced a full line of 4K UHD Coax Cables for 12G-SDI. Belden 75 Ohm Video Coax Cables, ranging from 12 GHz to 3 GHz, ensure reliable signal integrity and exceptional quality. No other cable manufacturer has invested in this technology like Belden has, so no other manufacturer can assure you beyond-high-definition performance like Belden.

Unity Intercom

Unity Intercom is a groundbreaking production intercom system that is currently in-use by broadcasters and production companies around the world. Unity Intercom has been used at the Super Bowl, the World Cup, both the Summer and Winter Olympics and many more. Unity is prized for it’s ease of use and flexible implementation abilities, as well as the fact that Unity is an inexpensive software solution that runs on the devices that you already own!
A Unity Intercom system is made up of two parts: the Unity Server installed on a Mac computer and various talk and listen Unity Clients. Using the Mac as a server and your mobile devices as comm stations and belt packs, a fully wireless system can be set up in minutes. Connect over WiFi or Cellular to talk and listen on independent PL (partyline) channels or have private conversations with individual users. Unity can also integrate with existing hard-wired intercom systems. This allows Unity to be a very inexpensive stand-alone intercom solution that can also be used to extend a comm system wireless to anywhere in the world.

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