Male/Female Connector Configuration, “F” Type Connector

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Tii’s cutting edge In-Line® Coaxial Lightning Surge Protectors protect personnel
and customer premises equipment, e.g. Televisions, Cable Set Top Boxes and Cable
Modems from lightning and power induced surges on coaxial cables. They are
specifically designed for today’s Broadband signals carried over the coax cables.
X Ideally suited to protect Broadband CATV subscriber’s “COSTLY” HDTV
receivers, DVRs, cable modems, home networking components and interfaces
from potentially damaging surges
X Will reduce “out of warranty” repair expense caused by surge lightning
damage. Reduces service outages by protecting against induced high-voltage
surges that may appear on the center conductor of a coaxial drop cable
X Unique In-Line® design is impedance matched to 75 ohms and is virtually
transparent to all analog or digital bi-directional signals transmitted from DC
to 1.0 GHz
X Tii’s patented proprietary coaxial gas tube surge protector is equipped with
an integral failshort mechanism for a power-cross condition which shunts
both the coaxial cable’s center conductor and sheath for a common path
to ground. The DC breakdown voltage of the protector provides superior
protection against transient surges, yet is compatible with network powered
X The protection element is designed to reset after each over voltage event
X Metallic housing of the Tii In-Line® Coaxial Lightning Surge Protector provides
necessary EMI shielding
X When properly connected the protector is environmentally sealed (15 psi)
to prevent ingress of moisture and humidity encountered in broadband
pedestals, vaults, NIDs and stand alone applications
X Full 360˚ “F” port connectors provide superior RF performance and tighter
X UL 497C Certified
X Meets and exceeds Telcordia GR 2908-CORE
X Complies with 1999 National Electric Code – Article 830
X Designed with full thread, flush face “F” type connectors which conform to
ANSI/SCTE 01 1996R2001 specification


Tii Technologies


R.F. Performance DC – 1.0 GHz
Characteristic Impedance 75 Ohms
Insertion Loss (includes Flatness) < 0.3 dB / 0.2dB Typical
Return Loss 30 dB Typical
1. DC Breakdown @ 2000 V/Sec
2. Impulse Breakdown @ 100 V/µSec
3. Insulation Resistance
*4. Surge Life:
A. 10 A, 10/1000 µSec.
B. 100 A, 10/1000 µSec.
C. 1000 A, 10/250 µSec.
D. 5000 A, 8/20 µSec.
5. AC Life:
A. 5A, 1000 VAC, 1 Sec.
B. 1A, 1000 VAC, 1 Sec.
6. Failshort:
30 A, 1000 VAC
7. Operating Temperature
120 – 300 Volts
< 450 Volts
>100 Megohms
>1500 Surges
>100 Surges
>10 Surges
>10 Surges
>5 Operations
>60 Operations
>15 Minutes
-40° C to + 65° C (-40° F to 149° F)


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