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CSSCW – Wireless Hand Scroll Control

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CueScript’s wireless hand control is a hand-held device designed to be used by the presenter/speaker to adjust the speed and direction of scrolling text on the prompter.

The CSSCW wireless hand control features a slider which provides easy adjustment of speed and direction of scroll, increased control and a comfortable, ergonomic feel.

Quick command buttons are at the presenters’/speakers’ fingertips for fast navigation around the script and the ability to trigger configurable commands.

Due to the CSSCW control being wireless and hand-held it allows for freedom of movement whilst maintaining control of the prompt.

As with all CueScript scroll controls, the CSSCW receiver unit has Ethernet connectivity, as well as USB and CAN bus.

Technical Specification

Frequency: 915MHz (US model) and 868MHz (ROW) as standard. 433MHz available on request.

Distance: Up to 300m for 868MHz and 100m for 915MHz from transmitter (Wireless Hand unit) to the receiver (Receiver unit).

The protocol allows multiple transmitter/receiver combinations to occupy the same frequency without interfering with each other.


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