Unity Cloud Monthly Licenses


Unity Cloud Monthly Licenses

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Monthly Licenses
A Monthly License allows you to only pay for users when you need them. These licenses are billed quarterly so remember that you’ll be paying for users in a three month block. Once you create a user, they remain in your account so that you can reassign them to another subscription plan again without having to recreate the user in the future.

Prices start at $20 per month for 3 users. You can have up to 100 users per month!

Unity Cloud is an easy alternative way to use Unity Intercom from a cloud based server we host. There is no local server to set-up so all you have to do is sign up, download the app and your team is ready to go. You configure your users from the web-page link provided after sign-up. There is no program audio or third-party comm integration with Unity Cloud.
Instead of you owning and managing your own Unity Server, let us do it for you. You log into cloud.unityintercom.com and manage your users and features from there. You can choose between annual licenses, monthly licenses, and even 7 day event licenses. If you need to bring a large group of users on line for an event, there’s no reason to purchase all of those users when you don’t normally need them. Just purchase a 7 day event license for that number of users and after the event they stop being billed. Best of all, you can bill those users back to your client since they were only used for their event!


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3 Months 10 Total Users, 3 Months 100 Total Users, 3 Months 20 Total Users, 3 Months 3 Total Users, 3 Months 5 Total Users, 3 Months 50 Total Users


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