Studio Technologies M45DC Model 45DC Intercom Interface

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The Studio Technologies Model 45DC Dante to Dual Party-Line Intercom Interface is designed for applications that utilize single-channel analog party-line (PL) intercom technology. The unit provides two independent single-channel interfaces that each support one party-line audio channel. Single-channel party-line intercom systems are commonly used in theater, entertainment, and education applications where a simple, reliable, low-cost, and easy to use solution is desired. Analog party-line products from Clear-Comr are directly compatible with the Model 45DC. The Danter audio-over-Ethernet media networking technology is used to transport the send and receive audio channels associated with each of the two party-line circuits. Two hybrid circuits with automatic nulling provide excellent audio quality and high return-loss. (These hybrid circuits are sometimes referred to as 2-wire to 4-wire converters.) The Model 45DC is directly compatible with the latest broadcast and audio equipment that uses Dante technology. An Ethernet connection is all that’s required to make the Model 45DC part of a sophisticated, networked audio system.

A Model 45DC can interconnect with devices such as matrix intercom systems, DSP processors, and audio consoles. The Model 45DC is directly compatible with the RTS ADAMr OMNEOr matrix intercom network. Alternately, two Model 45DC units can interconnect by way of the associated Ethernet network. The Model 45DC can be powered by Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or an external source of 12 VDC. Two party-line power sources with impedance termination networks can be supplied by the Model 45DC, allowing connection of two sets of user beltpacks such as the Clear-Com RS-501 and RS-701. A Model 45DC can also connect with one or two existing powered and terminated intercom circuits. Audio level meters provide confirmation of system performance during setup and operation. Support for transporting call light signals between Model 45DC units is also provided.

Standard connectors are used for party-line intercom, Ethernet, and DC power interconnections. The Model 45DC’s enclosure has a “1/2-rack” 1U form factor and weighs less than two pounds, making it well suited for use in portable applications. Alternately, using one of the optional rack-mount front panels, one or two Model 45DC units can be mounted in a single space (1U) of a standard 19-inch rack enclosure.


Studio Technologies Inc.


Dante audio-over-Ethernet technology
Integrated party-line intercom power sources
Analog hybrids with auto null capability
Input and output level metering
Excellent audio quality
PoE and 12 VDC powering
Standard connectors
Table-top, portable, or optional rack-mount use


Power Sources:
Power-over-Ethernet (PoE): class 3 (medium power) per IEEE 802.3af
External: 10 to 18 VDC, 1.0 amp max @ 12 VDC

Network Audio Technology:
Type: Dante audio-over-Ethernet
AES67-2013 Support: yes
Dante Domain Manager (DDM) Support: yes
Bit Depth: up to 24
Sample Rate: 48 kHz
Number of Receiver (Input) Channels: 2
Number of Transmitter (Output) Channels: 2
Dante Audio Flows: 4; 2 receiver, 2 transmitter
Analog to Digital Equivalence: a +4 dBu input with 0 dB gain selected results in a Dante digital output level of -20 dBFS
Network Interface:
Type: twisted-pair Ethernet, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) supported
Data Rate: 100 Mb/s (10 Mb/s Ethernet not supported)

General Audio:
Frequency Response (PL to Dante): -0.3 dB @ 100 Hz (-4.8 dB @ 20 Hz), -2 dB @ 8 kHz (-2.6 dB @ 10 kHz)
Frequency Response (Dante to PL): -3.3 dB @ 100 Hz (-19 dB @ 20 Hz), -3.9 dB @ 8 kHz (-5.8 dB @ 10 kHz)
Distortion (THD+N): <0.01%, measured at 1 kHz, Dante input to PL interface pin 3
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >73 dB, A-weighted, measured at 1 kHz, Dante input to PL interface pin 3
Party-Line (PL) Intercom Interface: 2
Type: single-channel PL (pin 1 common; pin 2 DC; pin 3 unbalanced analog audio)
Compatibility: single-channel PL intercom systems such as those offered by Clear-Comr
Power Source, Pin 2: 28 VDC, 150 mA maximum
Impedance, pin 3 – Local Power Not Enabled: >10 k ohms
Impedance, pin 3 – Local Power Enabled: 200 ohms
Analog Audio Level: -14 dBu, nominal, +7 dBu maximum
Call Light Signal Support: DC voltage on pin 3; detect @ =5 VDC nominal; generate @ 16 VDC nominal
Mic Kill Signal Support – Local Power Enabled: momentary break in DC voltage on pin 2
Party-Line Hybrids: 2
Topology: 3-section analog circuitry compensates for resistive, inductive, and capacitive loads
Nulling Method: automatic upon user initiation, processor implements digital control of analog circuitry; settings stored in non-volatile memory
Nulling Line Impedance Range: 120 to 350 ohms
Nulling Cable Length Range: 0 to 3500 feet
Trans-Hybrid Loss: >55 dB, typical at 800 Hz
Meters: 4
Function: displays level of audio input and output channels
Type: 5-segment LED, modified VU ballistics

Party-Line (PL) Intercom: two 3-pin male XLR
Ethernet: Neutrik etherCON RJ45
External DC: 4-pin male XLR
USB: type A receptacle

Dimensions (Overall):
Width: 8.7" (22.1cm)
Height: 1.72" (4.4cm)
Depth: 8.3" (21.1cm)
Weight: 1.7Lbs (0.77kg); rack-mount front panels add 0.2Lbs (0.09kg)
Mounting Options: single-unit rack-mount front panel (M45DCRM-1) and two-unit rack-mount front panel (M45DCRM-2); uses one space (1U) in a standard 19-inch rack


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