Push To Talk Button PTT-BLU

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Unity PTT-BLU is an Ultra Reliable wireless Bluetooth Push to Talk button. The Push to Talk button press instantly triggers “Talk” on Unity with no delay unlike the hard-wired inline options. The PTT-BLU is small enough to easily fit in the palm of your hand or discretely in a shirt pocket! Combine PTT-BLU with a Bluetooth Headset of your choice for total wireless communication using Unity!

Just squeeze the button with your thumb to activate “Talk” on Unity and continue holding while talking into your headset mic, release the button to close the mic when your done! It’s the perfect way to talk on Unity while leaving your phone in your pocket!

Unity PTT-BLU uses Low Energy 4.0 Bluetooth and has a 2 Year Battery Life – No Charging Necessary!

Fully Compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Dimensions: 1.5 inches tall

Does NOT have a microphone, used only to trigger “Talk” and Double Tap does not currently trigger VOX mode.

*NOTE: Special Bluetooth Push-To-Talk Setting in Unity Client must be Enabled


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